The Wanganui Tennis Club, along with the Parnell and Thorndon Tennis Clubs, are the oldest in New Zealand, and among only a few others in the world from these times still in existence.





The Wanganui Tennis Club was founded by at least 1880. The distinctive Anson Trophies illustrated, first presented in 1881 for handicap competitions, include an Opal Brooch for women, which the club believes is probably the oldest trophy awarded for a women's tennis competition anywhere in the world. Perhaps it is the oldest trophy ever awarded for women's sport!

Anson Trophies


Many of the clubs' records, memorabilia and photos have been digitised and put into the following picture albums compiled by Alistair Fraser - ENJOY

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The Wanganui Tennis Club's records and archives, including many originals of the above, are now stored at the Whanganui District Museum