The vision of the Junior Committee is for tennis to be the summer sport of choice.  Wanganui Tennis Club coach/Development Officer Kyle Butters and Assistant Club Coach Noel Simmons are working collaboratively with the Junior Committee to make this vision a reality.

Kyle Butters - Head Coach

Contact info:  027 315 5495 - kbsportslimited@gmail.com


Hi guys, my name is Kyle Butters, I am beyond excited to be leading the Wanganui tennis club in coaching this year.  I have played tennis for the past 15 years and gained valuable insight into what it takes to become one of New Zealand’s best tennis players. Throughout my junior career I was able to win every junior national title, accumulating 9 national titles over 6 years. After claiming these titles I was chosen to spend 6 months in Europe to receive coaching from some of the world’s best, including Maria Sharapova’s coach, Sven Groeneveld. I traveled to many different countries with the New Zealand team competing against nations across the globe. I received the opportunity to play alongside the men’s Davis Cup team in Australia, competing in the Australian league. These types of experiences can’t be bought, getting to see how the top men’s players throughout the world train and practice was incredible. I believe that if we train like professionals we will always improve and get better. I have had the privilege of playing the Maori Tennis championships in which I have claimed the open men’s title 5 times. After my junior career finished, I received a $250,000 full scholarship to play tennis at Boise State University in the U.S.A. I worked with some of U.S.A’s best tennis coaches there and it was a great experience. Due to injury, I was forced to stop playing competitively in my 4th year. I finished my tennis career in Boise, received a Bachelor’s degree in Business, and shifted back home to Wanganui. I’m excited at the opportunity to help all players succeed within tennis and will do my very best to give young and old athletes the same opportunities I received as a young player. Please give me a text or call if you are interested in some private or squad coaching.

Noel Simmons - Assistant Head Coach

Hi, my name is Noel Simmons and I have just moved over from America. Tennis has been a part of my life for the last 7 years, with my coaching experience being the last 4 years. Back in the states, I won the singles state title for my high school in 2015 and was runner up the following year. Within those years, I received coaching from top quality coaches in the area that helped me build the knowledge I have today about tennis and coaching. These coaches pushed me to compete in a variety of tournaments across the Pacific Northwest, which helped me gain valuable experience, skills, and a few wins as well. After graduating high school in 2016, I began to spend more of my time coaching. I have taught a variety of different ages and have loved seeing the progression and interest in tennis over the years. Along with Kyle, I received my Bachelors of Science degree from Boise State University, while playing for the recreational tennis team there as well. I am excited to be part of the tennis community here in Wanganui and hope to see successful and enthusiastic tennis players around the area.  Please give me a text or call if you are interested in some private or squad coaching.


We have just recently started a sports business called KB Sports, we offer professional tennis sports gear, racquet restringing services, and provide top quality tennis coaching. We are very excited to be working with the wanganui tennis club and will do our very best to ensure each player improves their tennis ability.


We are always welcoming new clients for tennis coaching, we coach all ages and encourage everyone to give coaching a shot to improve your overall tennis game and reach your individual goals.